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Transfor Now Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach - Auckland, NZ

Transform Now

Suzy Elks | Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach | Auckland

It's Your Time To Live Life To The Fullest - Transform Now Hypnotherapy West Auckland

It's Your Time To Live Life To The Fullest

Many of my clients want to feel in control of their lives. All they want is to


  • Feel focused and confident

  • Be able to enjoy life, relationships and work

  • Live free from anxiety, addictions and fears

  • Move forward from limiting beliefs and life experiences


They’ve tried so many things to try and achieve this but struggle to make it happen. 


It’s your life. You deserve to live it to the fullest. 

After years of working alongside people, I noticed it often took people years to see an improvement in their mindset, health and well-being. 


I saw how quickly Clinical Hypnotherapy could help people achieve their health, mindset, business or well-being goals.

Suzy Elks - Clinical Hypnotherapist - West Auckland & Online

Clinical Hypnotherapy Has The Power To Transform Your Life

In Hypnotherapy, effective techniques such as Trauma Transformation protocol, hypnotic conditioning, and trance are combined with tools that assist us in identifying and resolving mental blocks that are causing challenges in our life.


Having suffered my whole adult life with chronic irritable bowel syndrome, I was completely exhausted by the random flares ups of excruciating stomach pain, bloating and nausea. 


Despite spending thousands of dollars on medications, supplements and special diets, nothing worked. My life seemed dictated to by this condition.


After just two sessions of Hypnotherapy, my symptoms completely disappeared, and I am now able to live life free from pain, bloating and nausea. It’s been a life-changing experience for me, and I am so grateful to be free from IBS finally.

How Hypnotherapy Has Helped Me

Suzy Elks - hypnotherpay helped her with axietyaround publi spaking
Suzy Elks speaking to crowd - hypnotherapy enabed me to find my voice and speak up without fear

Hypnotherapy has been hugely beneficial for my anxiety around public speaking.


I was plagued with severe anxiety every time I was called on to speak in front of others. 


Working with Toastmasters gave me the skills to speak in front of people, but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of the extreme fear I felt when public speaking.


After three Hypnotherapy sessions, the anxiety has switched off. I’m now able to regularly speak in front of large audiences with confidence and actually enjoy it.


It has been an incredibly freeing experience to find my voice and speak up without fear.

I bring to my role as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach experience, knowledge, skills and passion. I have previous careers as a Social worker, Lifeline telephone counsellor and coach. These qualifications completely enhance and align with the clinical hypnotherapy services I provide to clients.” 


~ Suzy Elks - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

Hypnosis New Zealand - diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate in Solution Focused Therapy

  • LifeLine Telephone Counsellor and Trainer

  • Division L Director D112 Toastmasters New Zealand North 2021-2022

  • Division N Director D112 Toastmasters New Zealand North 2022-2023

  • NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 4 & 5 

  • Bachelor in Psychology and Feminist Studies

  • Masters in Social Work (Applied)

Helping You Successfully Transform Your Life

I get it. It’s really challenging to prioritise your own self-care when you have so many other people and things to focus on.


I absolutely love empowering people to make changes, achieve their goals, to move from where they don’t want to be to a place where they feel happy, love themselves, and feel successful and free. 


I love working alongside you, developing rapport, putting the pieces of your story together, and helping you find answers or solutions that will work for you. 


I get really excited seeing my clients go through this transformational process.


Working with you to be your cheerleader and coach, keeping you motivated, accountable, and on track, gently pushing you forward to achieve your goals, watching you change and seeing the beautiful transformations.

Transform Now Hypnotherapist - highly recommended - Auckland & Online Zoom

"Suzy is a kind, compassionate and professional hypnotherapist. I had six sessions with her to work through the emotional symptoms associated with my experience of long covid, and have been amazed by how much calmer I now feel about getting back into doing the things that I love. Suzy has helped me to feel in control of my life again, and after three years of being fearful and constrained by the risk of reinfection, I now feel more confident about moving forward and developing a just-right level of precaution.

For me, talking to Suzy helped me to gain perspective and understanding, and going into trance was a relaxing experience that felt similar to a guided meditation. I am very grateful to Suzy for all she has helped me with and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is feeling 'stuck' or looking for a new way to address and cope with complex health issues."

- Laura, Student

It's Time To Break Free

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching


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Let’s talk about what’s going on and what you want instead.


Start Hypnotherapy

Your sessions can be on Zoom or in person in Hobsonville, Auckland.


Take Control

Start seeing lasting changes immediately and live life to the full.

Transform Now - best hypnotherapist in Auckland - Suzy Elks

"I found hypnotherapy and Suzy online and emailed her. She came back to me with such an amazing response and I could feel true honest interest in helping, rather than doing a job or building her business.


We started the session with a good long chat about how I was feeling about life and what I'm struggling with. She guided me into self discovery, finding a source that knew exactly what I needed to say in order to heal myself.


Next day or 2, I woke up different, I felt more at ease, lighter, confident. From that day I have felt more empowered, confident, not afraid of others opinions, I'm following my goals, my dreams. I feel stronger, more stable and like "I can do this, so what am I waiting for? Let's do it!".


Suzy's guide comes with empahty, support, encouragement, love and understanding... something I never got to experience much as a child, so thank you Suzy!"

- Mo, Digital Creator

Take Back Control Of Your Life

When life’s feeling out of control, you deserve to stop struggling.


Hypnotherapy can be the catalyst you need to make lasting changes.

And live life to the fullest.

Needing to relax but can't? Download your free Transform Now self-hypnosis relaxation recording and experience the power of clinical hypnotherapy today.

Needing to relax but can't?

Download your free Transform Now self-hypnosis relaxation recording and experience the power of clinical hypnotherapy today.

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